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    A Decentralized-driven Legal Community
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    a Community ​Structure, ​coordinated ​by Catalysts promoting Collective ​Wisdom
  • We Want

    A ​Positive-sum ​network. Because no Jurisdiction has all the answers


empowering the community to set the standards for the new era of legal practice built on the Blockchain

Our Manifesto

(Excerpts of our conceptual paper become the manifesto)

We are LegalBlock A Blockchain Legal Community Promoting Collective Wisdom.

A coordinated community of Legal professionals, acting under the umbrella of Collective Wisdom. Not another isolated community.

We are immersed in a new reality. The platforms, the protocols, the whole ecosystem is based on a global scale. There is not good jurisdiction or bad jurisdiction. There is not the right opinion or the wrong opinion. “Here” and “there” are not relevant to this new reality anymore.

This new Legal approach demands something beyond, and that is the Missing Point.

We propose a Community Structure, coordinated by Catalysts promoting Collective Wisdom.

How it Works

We coordinate the information following the flow


The focus of discussion. These topics are picked according to the observation of members’ interaction in the community. The Catalysts analyze the interest of the participants in a particular area of discussion and group the issues in Topics. Members are encouraged to vote at…


LBA LegalBlock Activities (LBA) are designed as a positive-sum game, where participants who are delivering something valuable to the blockchain ecosystem present their work to LegalBlock members for analysis, feedback, and recommendation. Each Activity falls under a Topic of interest, previously discussed and voted…


The Result. Each activity must have a result in the form of a tangible and valuable resource not only for the LegalBlock community but for all the ecosystem. This result could be a summary, report, recommendations, video, event, a group of testers for new…

Our Focus

Our research is dynamic and it is currently focused on these Topics

Self-Regulation Protocols
Self-Regulation Protocols
Legal Agreements Platforms
Legal Agreements Platforms
Global Regulation Frameworks
Global Regulation Frameworks
Catalysts and Superconnectors
Catalysts and Superconnectors

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  • A Blockchain Legal Community Promoting Collective Wisdom
  • Our Manifesto
  • How it Works
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